Wednesday, October 17, 2012

13 Months Old

October 4, 2012 - Jack turned 13 Months Old!  Our little boy is growing so fast!

  1. Height: 32"+ (hard to get an exact measurement)
  2. Weight: 25lbs - big boy!
  3. Head Circumference: No idea, but it is looking nice and round!
  4. What is Jack doing:  Jack has started trying to stand alone, but he is pretty shaky.  I think he will need to get more comfortable standing before he tries to take a step.  Jack has also become an excellent climber.  He can climb on and off or our couch with no problems, he can also go up and down stairs.  His favorite toy right now is a ball.  He loves to play with balls, throw balls and chase balls all around the house.  Jack still loves to talk, babble, squeal and even scream.  He has lots of words in his vocabulary, I'm just not sure what most of them are.  In my 12 Month post I mentioned that Jack had begun sleeping 12-13 hours at night.  Well that ended about as quickly as it began.  I guess it was a growth spurt.  He is back to 9 1/2- 10 hour nights again.
  5. What is Jack eating:  A perfect food day for Jack would consist of nothing but corn dogs and milk.  This little boy loves lots of foods, but mini corn dogs have recently taken the top spot!  And he is really liking his milk as well.  Sometime after his first birthday he stopped nursing completely and now he drinks at least a half gallon of cow milk a week.  Some other new foods that he has tried and liked recently include, fish sticks, pumpkin bread, green beans, french toast, cream of wheat, blueberries, lasagna and sausage.  He still does not seem to like potatoes (not even french fries!) 
  6. Where is Jack going: We have mostly been hanging around home lately.  We did take a trip to the zoo for Zoo Boo last week, and I think we will visit the local pumpkin patch next week.  Jack will also be spending 4 days with his Nanny next week because Mommy and Daddy are going to the Bahamas!
  7. Helmet Update: Jack is doing great in his helmet, he still wears it 23 hours a day (although I do sometimes take if off when I take his picture.)  His head is looking better and we will have another scan the first week of November.  

Hanging out with his cousin Stephen

Jack and Uncle Mike

Jack's first Pro Soccer Game - Sporting Kansas City

Jack and Isabella at Houston Zoo Boo

Checking out the elephants

Cruising through the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo!

Playing in the driveway

Eating a rock!
Since Jack clearly hated the adorable lion costume I got him for Halloween...
His new Halloween costume this year will be a Houston Texan (he is obviously much happier about this choice.)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Cute Boys!

Jack's friend, Weston, from music class just moved into the neighborhood right down the road from our house!  Weston's mom, Allison, and I have become friends and we love to get our little guys together for play dates.  Last week, we got the boys together for a backyard play date.  It was a beautiful day and of course I snapped some pictures of our sweet little boys!