Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Happenings...

September has been a fun and busy month for the Skrljac family.  The two most major events have been Jack's first birthday and his baptism.  Here are a few photos to recap these special moments!

The invitation!
Party hat to match his party shirt, made by Mommy!

"Cracker Jack" Theme birthday party!

The monthly photos all together!

Cracker Jack treat bags!

Of course, lots of Cracker Jacks!

Jack's smash cake was a sailor hat!

The cake!

Happy birthday boy!  He loves to clap for himself!

Playing with balloons!

Jack and Rocco enjoying some treats!

Ready to eat some cake!

Making a wish!

And so it begins...

Yummy cake!

Happy about the cake.  Not happy about the hat I keep trying to put on his head!

So yummy and so messy!

Yay for the birthday boy!

Family photo for Jack's baptism.

4 Generations

Aunt Kylie and Aunt Katie

Our family at Jack's baptism.

Jim Jackson, our preacher who baptized Jack.  I assume the glowing golden circle that appeared in all of my post ceremony photos is some sort of divine symbol.    

NeNe, Pops, Aunt Kylie, Aunt Katie and Jack.

Nanny, Paw Paw, Great Paw Paw Gardner and Jack.

Uncle Mike, Aunt Susanne, Cousin Krista, Great Granny and Jack.
Thank you God for our precious son and for this wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Months Old

September 4, 2012 - Jack turned 1 year old!  What a fantastic first year Ed and I had with our little guy!  We love him more everyday and we are so excited to continue to watch him grow each year.

  1. Height: 32" (97th percentile)
  2. Weight: 24lbs 7oz (68th percentile)
  3. Head Circumference: 18.7" (77th percentile)
  4. What is Jack doing:  Jack got a push toy for his birthday, so he enjoys pushing that around the house.  He still loves to crawl and climb on everything.  He hasn't taken a step yet, so we will just wait and watch for our little guy to start walking!  He loves to clap and give high fives.  He also gives very sweet, and slobbery open mouth kisses!  He frequently says "Dada" and "Gack or Ack" which we think is his version of "Jack".  He has said "Mama" only a couple of times although I am constantly trying to get him to say it more.  He has also learned how to play ball with Maggie, our dog.  Recently he has begun sleeping 12 to 13 hours at night, which is awesome!  It seems like overnight he went from sleeping exactly 9 hours and waking up at 5am everyday, to sleeping 12+ hours and waking up between 8 and 9am!  With all this additional sleep at night, he has gone down to just one nap a day, but overall I am enjoying his new sleep schedule.
  5. What is Jack eating:  Jack still nurses at night, but the rest of the day he pretty much eats whatever we eat.  We let him have his first taste of non-human milk (cow milk) on his birthday - the perfect beverage to wash down a mouth full of birthday cake!  He loves the milk and drinks it everyday out of his cup.  One (of the many) benefits to nursing him has been not dealing with bottles.  Everything he drinks comes from a cup.  He has six teeth now (four bottom and two top) which are great for chewing his food, but he can also bite!  Some of his favorite foods to eat right now are: cheese, yogurt, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, banana, sausage, ham, veggie burgers, macaroni and cheese, broccoli (with cheese), cauliflower (with cheese), carrots, spinach quesadillas, chicken, corn dogs, oatmeal, his Aunt Lidia's enchiladas and of course, like his mama, he loves all desserts!  Just as I suspected, he devoured his birthday cake!
  6. Where is Jack going:  Jack has been a busy guy.  For labor day weekend we went to visit our family in Kansas City.  Jack did great on the drive (12 hours) and we all had a great time in KCK!  Jack also got to go to his first professional soccer game while we were there!  I have also added a few new activities to Jack's schedule this fall.  In addition to our weekly music class on Tuesdays, we are now taking an infant/ parent montessori class on Wednesdays and Jack is going to Mother's Day out every Thursday from 9:30am to 2:30pm.  It is nice to be busy, and this way Jack has plenty of opportunities to socialize with other children and adults, and I can get out of the house as well!
  7. Helmet Update:  New category - Jack has adjusted wonderfully to the helmet.  Ed and I (and the doctor) have already noticed changes in his head shape.  He will get rescanned on Sept. 24 so we are anxious to see what the scans will show. We only take the helmet off when we bathe him or change his clothes.  He sleeps great with it (as I mentioned earlier) and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  It is amazing how well kids can adapt!  When we do take it off his head is very sweaty and STINKY!!  I look forward to the day when we are done with the helmet and I will have my sweet smelling baby back!  Hopefully only a month or so to go!   

First bite of cake - he loved it!

So happy to eat cake!

Yea for cake!

12 Months Old

My big one year old boy!

Jack's "Elvis" face...

Opening birthday presents!

Pops and Jack opening his present 

Jack and NeNe checking out his new music tower!

Birthday kisses for Aunt Kay Kay!

Birthday kisses for Aunt Ky Ky!

Jack pushing his toy from Nanny and Paw Paw.

Laughing with NeNe

Chatting with Pops