Saturday, February 2, 2013

Excellent Extras

Most of the photos I post on this blog are photos taken with my camera...but there is a whole other world of funny and cute Jack photos that I snap with my phone, and sadly they tend to stay on my phone for months.  I finally downloaded my iphone pics and here are a few of my favorites!

Cute boy in a ball pit!

One of my favs from last spring, hamming it up in music class.
How do you really feel about eating prunes?
He used to pinch me when I nursed him so I put socks on his hands.

Who is that cute baby?

Dishwasher inspector!

Kitchen sink bath and Uncle Mike's and Aunt Lidia's house.
Large, furry blue ball, perfect photo op...

Loving on Maggie!

Jack's first head scan for his helmet.

At some point he started putting things on his head.  Here he is with a piece of lettuce.  This has now become a pattern.  

Asleep at the wheel.

Sitting in the bath tub with a rag on his head.

"Dear God thank you for this chick-fil-a that I am about to eat!"

Once again, sitting in the bathroom with a rag on his head.

No Jack, that is not a toy!

Strawberry on his head.

Another day, another rag on the head.

"Who are you looking at?"

Jack practicing his down dog.

Where do you keep your goldfish?

How exactly do you work this calculator??

BBC= Baby butt crack!