Sunday, August 18, 2013

23 Months Old and First Haircut!

August 4, 2013 - Jack is 23 Months old!  Only one more month of taking these monthly photos!!

Height: 35" (I think)
Weigh: 30lbs (I think)

All about 23 Month Old Jack:  My almost 2 year old really is a little sponge learning and absorbing everything around him.  Everyday Jack surprises us with a new skill or word etc.  A few weeks ago I sneezed and he said "bless you" it was so cute!  He also knows his name now, and when I ask him how old he is he says "almost two."  I guess I will have to teach him to drop the "almost" in a couple weeks!  Jack's favorite activities still involve balls.  He plays basketball everyday, he also throws, kicks and dribbles his balls every day!  I have also noticed that he seems to be becoming a little less picky with his eating.  Jack has willingly eaten vegetables several times over the recent few weeks. He also eats oranges and pickles now.  We (accidentally) gave Jack some peanut m&ms the other day and when nothing happened, we took it to the next level and gave him some peanut butter.  He loved it and so far, no food allergies!  This week he starts school two days a week and will be at school from 8am to 3pm every Tuesday and Thursday.  I am excited to watch him continue to learn and grow at his new school!

After putting it off for just about 2 years, we finally took Jack in for his first haircut.  While his hair is still pretty sparse, it was getting a little long and shaggy over his ears and I wanted it neat and cleanly cut for his first day back to school and for his upcoming 2 year old pictures.  He screamed and cried for about the first 5 minutes, but once he got a hold of his lollipop he was good to go and and sat patiently for the rest of his haircut.  He didn't have much hair to cut, but it was a fun experience and I have a lock of his adorable curly blond hair to put in his baby book now.