Monday, May 28, 2012

Jack's first trip to the science museum!

Today we met our friends, the Davenport family, for a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Although I have been to the science museum many times, I always enjoy it and I learn something new every time.  In fact, we renewed our family membership, so if anyone wants to go, Jack and I can't wait to go back!

Of course the dinosaur exhibit was the most impressive to Jack.  They have added several new dinosaurs to the exhibit, so there was lots for his little eyes to see!

This is probably against the rules, but he only touched it for a second.

The Energy Hall at the museum has a section dedicated to the science behind the oil and gas industry.  Since my husband is a petroleum engineer, we always visit this exhibit for a personal lesson on oil drilling.  I am always so impressed with Ed's knowledge of science and engineering and I appreciate how well he explains it to me (and I do my best to understand!)  I know Ed really enjoyed taking Jack through the oil and gas  exhibit, and Jack got to see what it is that Daddy does everyday.  Of course, we concluded our fun in the Energy Hall with a ride on the Geo-vator! 

Daddy, Jack and the drill bits.
Happy with Daddy.
Ed explaining the top and bottom plugs used for cementing casing in the ground.
Jack closing the "lower master valve" on the Christmas tree. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun with food...sort of

Now that Jack is almost 9 months old, I am trying to expand his palate and offer him a variety of both pureed and finger foods.  While he eats the pureed foods like a champ, finger foods are proving to be more of a challenge.  Tonight, for instance, we were eating dinner at a restaurant and I ordered a small plate of steamed carrots.  The carrots (which put together would not even equal one whole carrot) cost $4.75, and he threw them all on the floor.  Last night I made steamed broccoli, with butter, and again, he played with it and then threw it on the floor.  I have also tried baked cinnamon apple and bananas, but most of it ends up on the floor - my dogs have quickly learned that under the high chair is the place to be! Although this ends up in a great big mess for me (and the dogs) to clean up, it is fun to watch him explore new foods, and hopefully at least eat some of it!
At least he got something into his mouth.
Sometimes his hands just get in the way!
Bananas are great for squishing between your fingers.
Such a kissable face, even with a coating of banana!
He hasn't quite grasped the sippy cup concept either...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

8 Months Old

May 4th, 2012, my Little Love was 8 months old.  Hard to believe, Jack's first birthday is just 4 short months away...Time is going by way too fast!


Here are Jack's 8 Month Stats:
  1. Height: Not sure
  2. Weight: 20 LBS
  3. Head Circumference: Not sure
  4. What is Jack doing now: He is still working on crawling, he can army crawl backwards but he has not figured out how to go forward yet.  So far, he has no interest in standing or pulling up so he spends his playtime laying on his tummy or sitting up on the floor.  Jack seems to have found his voice and is becoming very vocal.  He likes to test his yelling/ shouting/ screaming when we are in public places, particularly quiet ones. 
  5. Where is Jack going: We didn't go on any exciting trips last month.  Jack did however spend his first night away from Mommy.  His Nanny (my mom) kept him for a night while I had some much needed "me" time.  It was great.
  6. What is Jack eating: This is becoming more of a challenge.  Neither Ed, nor I, are picky eaters, so naturally we expect our child to be the same way.  However, that has not been the case.  If Jack looks a little orange in his 8 month photos, it is because he only likes to eat orange food.  Specifically sweet potatoes.  Getting him to eat something green has been the battle lately, and I feel like I am losing!  I will just keep trying and hopefully I will find some more foods that he will eat!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Backyard Pool Party!

We had a backyard pool party play date at our house today.  Four of Jack's friends, and their mommies came over.  The babies played and the moms chatted and of course we took lots of pictures of our little swimmers.  Here is a whole bunch of cuteness....



Jack says "Thanks Ladies for coming to my first of many pool parties!"