Monday, May 28, 2012

Jack's first trip to the science museum!

Today we met our friends, the Davenport family, for a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Although I have been to the science museum many times, I always enjoy it and I learn something new every time.  In fact, we renewed our family membership, so if anyone wants to go, Jack and I can't wait to go back!

Of course the dinosaur exhibit was the most impressive to Jack.  They have added several new dinosaurs to the exhibit, so there was lots for his little eyes to see!

This is probably against the rules, but he only touched it for a second.

The Energy Hall at the museum has a section dedicated to the science behind the oil and gas industry.  Since my husband is a petroleum engineer, we always visit this exhibit for a personal lesson on oil drilling.  I am always so impressed with Ed's knowledge of science and engineering and I appreciate how well he explains it to me (and I do my best to understand!)  I know Ed really enjoyed taking Jack through the oil and gas  exhibit, and Jack got to see what it is that Daddy does everyday.  Of course, we concluded our fun in the Energy Hall with a ride on the Geo-vator! 

Daddy, Jack and the drill bits.
Happy with Daddy.
Ed explaining the top and bottom plugs used for cementing casing in the ground.
Jack closing the "lower master valve" on the Christmas tree. 

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