Tuesday, June 5, 2012

9 Months Old

June 4, 2012 - My baby is 9 months old!  The one year mark is fast approaching, and while I love to watch Jack grow and change each day, I am also a little sad because it really is going by so fast!

 Here are Jack's 9 month stats:

  1. Height: 30.25" (93%)
  2. Weight: 21lbs 6oz (57%)
  3. Head circumference: 18.27" (75%)
  4. What is Jack doing: The bald and toothless baby finally sprouted his first tooth (he is still pretty much bald.)  I noticed a tiny bit of his right bottom tooth poking through yesterday, and my guess is the left one is not far behind.  He has also taken his first few forward "crawl" steps.  While I would not call him a full on crawler yet, he has figured out how to pull his knees together and he currently spends a good part of his day working on his new crawling skills.  It is hilarious to watch because he is trying so hard and sometimes he gets so frustrated.
  5. Where is Jack going: This past month Jack and I have been on the go.  Jack attended his first high school drill team spring show.  We went to the Cy Ridge Spring Show to watch Aunt Kylie and Aunt Katie perform.  We also went to the Children's Museum, the Science Museum and the Aquarium.  Just last weekend Ed and I took Jack to our neighborhood swimming pool and we all had some fun in the sun.
  6. What is Jack eating: He is still nursing four times a day and eating solids three times a day.  In addition to his usual fruits and veggies he has tried some "grown up" food.  He loved my home made banana bread.  He also loved his Great Granny's sweet potato pie, and last night he got a few bites of cheesecake.  I have also added pumpkin, broccoli, blueberries and mango to his pureed foods.  Still no meat, but I will likely try that soon.     

If you look very closely, you can see the little tooth on his lower right side.


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