Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Annual OwenDavenJac Vacation: Part 1

Last week we set off for a week long family vacation in Destin, Florida.  We rented a beach house with our good friends, The Owens Family and the Davenport Family.  We began planning this trip in early 2012 and I am happy to report back, the First Annual OwenDavenJac Family Vacation was a great success!

My first concern of the trip was the drive.  Yes, we drove 10 hours with a 9 month old baby.  Surprisingly it was easy!  Jack has always been a car sleeper, and this trip was no exception.  On the drive to Destin we stopped two times for food and gas, and on the drive back to Houston, we only stopped once!  If Jack wasn't sleeping, he was happily admiring the beautiful views of I-10 out the window.  Once we got to Destin, we were a little worried about the tropical storm headed right for the Florida panhandle.  However after one day of rain, Debby must have changed her path, because the weather was great the rest of the week.  Destin really is as beautiful as the pictures.  It's hard to believe how quickly the beaches change from Galveston (seaweed and brown water) to Destin (white sand and turquoise water).  We rented a big, beautiful 3 story house right on the beach so we had great views and awesome beach access all week.  As wonderful as the beach house was, Ed and I came to two conclusions after living there for a week.  1. We never want a house on the beach - sand gets everywhere!!  2. We never want a 3 story house!

Overall the trip was wonderful.  The guys got to play some golf, the girls got to do some shopping, we ate lots of great meals (Jack ate some sand) and most importantly we made great memories with our little family and our best friends!  I can't wait until the 2nd Annual OwenDavenJac Vacation!!

View from the 3rd floor of our house
Our little spot on the beach, right outside our back door.
Beautiful Beaches of Destin.
Tropical Storm Debby, not so bad...
Jack's first beach experience!

Happy Beach Baby!
Jess and Juliet playing on the beach!

The girls - Emma, Mia and Juliet and Jack.

Jack and his BFF Little Rocky!
The girls having fun in the sand.
Mommy and Jack.
Jack took a nap on the beach everyday!
Sand, Sunscreen and Slobber!!

A little night time beach crawling!
Another beach nap!


Cute baby faces!
Sweet Juliet!
Juliet teaching Jack about sand castle building.
Little Rock!!
Little Rocky rocking the shades!
Rocky and Rocky!
The Skrljac Family
The Owens Family (minus Mia)
Mia and Emma
The Davenport Family (plus Mia)
The Owens Family
Little Rocky liked his beach naps too!
Hanging out at the Big Kahuna Water Park
Jack and Juliet
This is how Jack gives kisses...open mouth!!
He kept chasing this ball and trying to eat it!
Lots of sand in his mouth didn't seem to bother him!
Jack and Mia playing in the sand.
Sand gets EVERYWHERE!!

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