Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas 2013

A little recap of our holiday activities...

Jack met Santa a total of 3 times this year, he was not impressed at any of those times.  Our country club had a lovely breakfast with Santa event, and while he loved the breakfast, he was very upset when we stuck him on Santa's lap.  We only left him there long enough for a photo!

We also hosted a small party for Jack's closest friends at our house.  We had snacks, gifts and of course Santa himself made an appearance.  Since the age range of kids was between 6 months and 5 years, many of them were terrified of Santa.  But it was fun to watch them react to Santa, and when he started handing out presents most of them started to warm up to the big guy...Maybe next year Jack and his friends will give Santa a break!

Other exciting news included Jack's new "big boy" bed.  The transition was surprisingly easy and he sleeps very well in his new bed.  I also got rid of the changing station in his room (although we definitely have not gotten rid of diapers yet!) 

Jack's "Lil Owl" class at school also had a cute Christmas party.  All the kids wore their pajamas to school and they enjoyed snacks, music time and a book exchange.  It was fun to go and watch him interact with his classmates at school!

Christmas morning was low key and fun at our house.  Ed, Jack and I exchanged gifts before the rest of the family came over.  By noon, our house was full.  We had a big meal and lots of quality family time. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures.  But here are a few...

The day after Christmas we made a last minute decision to fly to Kansas City and visit Ed's family.  I am so glad we did.  Jack had so much fun with his cousins and we all enjoyed spending time together.  It was bitterly cold the whole time we were there and poor Ed got the flu (thankfully Jack and I got our flu shots) so we spent most of the time just hanging around my brother and sister-in-law's house, which made for a fun and relaxing visit!  Overall, we had a wonderful, fairly low key Christmas 2013.  We spent a lot of time enjoying each other and the company of our friends and family and just being grateful to God for our many blessings!