Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Fun

While we are busy preparing for Baby Deuce, we are still taking lots of time to have fun with Jack!  Jack is a busy 2 1/2 year old and every day he says or does something that impresses/ startles/ humors me etc.  Most of the time he is a funny and sweet little boy, but he does have his "terrible two" moments as well.  Right now Jack loves coloring, playing basketball and being outside.  We just started Soccer on Saturday mornings, although he has made it clear that he would rather be playing basketball. Hopefully after a few weeks of soccer he will start to catch on!  We also joined The Little Gym.  Every Wednesday I take him for a 45 minute class of climbing, jumping, swinging etc and he loves it.  Both soccer and little gym are run by a teacher with a structured activity plan.  Although Jack enjoys being there, he rarely follow the teacher's instructions.  For the most part he goes off and does what he wants. I guess that is typical for a 2 year old and I try to encourage him to follow the rest of the class, however he usually has his own agenda.  Hopefully with time he will learn to follow directions...

Jack is learning a lot at school and I am really starting to notice it at home!  He can sing his ABC's and count to about 14.  It is so cute to listen to him!  He also knows "Twinkle Little Star" and the "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" song.  He loves to "dunk" the basketball and sleep in "Mommy's bed."  He uses my old iPad to play with toddler apps and he calls it his "onputer" (computer).  His favorite book is Goodnight Moon and he can basically recite it to me.  He has his Mama's sweet tooth.  He loves to drink "Chochy Mo" (Chocolate Milk) and he has learned how to take the chairs from his table and use them to climb on the counter and get chocolates from the canister I keep them in.  He always wants a "piece of chocit".  He can feed the dogs, turn on lights, put on his socks and shoes, throw away his poopy diapers in the "outside big trash" and wash himself in the shower.  He is learning so much and is a joy to watch!   

Our Wednesday playgroup.  It is rare to get a photo of all of them looking at the camera.  We all met at music class when our kids were only a few months old!   The two girls have baby sisters already and the two boys will be getting baby brothers soon.

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Jack and his friend Julia.  I think they like each other!  

Jack's favorite activities.  Coloring and wearing his boots!

He loves to draw motorcycles and cars and "Happy Sunshine".    After he finishes his picture he will bring it to me and say "Look Mommy, I made that!"  Then he will say "I love it!"

Of course no day would be complete with out several rounds of basketball.