Friday, January 25, 2013

16 Months Old

January 4, 2013 our little Jack-a-Roo turned 16 Months old.  At this point he is an energetic and rambunctious toddler with lots to do and lots to say!

Jack - 16 Months
  1. Height: 32.5"
  2. Weight: 27lbs
  3. What is Jack doing:  We just started out 5th semester of music class and we still love it!  We have also become regulars at all of the local parks.  Jack LOVES to be outside.  So just about every day, sometimes twice a day, we go outside and play.  He also loves to play in dirt and water and mud and he does not mind a bit if his hands are dirty or sticky, as long as he is having fun.  I guess his love of all things dirty is a boy thing!  His favorite toys are things that he can throw (like balls and blocks) and things that he can hit stuff with (like his plastic golf clubs, hammer and baseball bat.)  Again, I guess this is a boy thing.  He still talks and babbles a lot, and I am still trying to figure out what the heck he is saying most of the time.  
  4. My silly 16 month old boy!
  5. What is Jack eating:  He continues to be a good eater, however he can be picky and vegetables are always a challenge.  This week I tried a new approach by blending some vegetables into a delicious smoothie.  I am happy to report the spinach smoothie was a success and he drank every last drop!    
Greek yogurt, spinach and strawberries

Looks a little gross but it tasted great (yes I tried it)

Jack enjoying his morning spinach smoothie