Wednesday, July 31, 2013

21 and 22 Months Old

We are nearing the end of Jack's 2nd year!  Only 2 months left until my little boy will be 2!  I feel like we just finished his first birthday and already it is time for his second!  Here are some current Jack facts as he approaches the big 2!

-He still loves all balls.  We have a basketball goal in our living room and he plays with it everyday.  We currently have the net set at 5 feet and he can consistently make baskets!  He also loves to kick a ball (he kicks with his left foot) and throw a ball (he throws with his right hand.)  He has a baseball bat and golf clubs but I have to watch him closely with those items because he will take a swing at anything that is not moving!

-He also still enjoys throwing things in the trash.  Generally this is helpful because if I have something to throw away, I just give it to Jack.

-He has recently developed a love for turning on and off the light switches in our house.  Anytime he sees one he says "light?"  Lately if I want to get him to go somewhere or do something, I offer to let him turn on a light and he is happy to comply with my request.

-His eating is pretty consistently the same.  Spinach smoothie everyday for breakfast.  His current favorite foods are blueberry muffins, nutrigrain bars, grapes, rice, chicken, corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, milk, beef fajitas and yogurt.  And of course, like his mama, he has a sweet tooth.  He LOVES Oreo cookies!  I still haven't given him any peanut products, I guess it is about time to add that in...

-He sleeps about 11 hours at night and takes one afternoon nap (usually) for 1 to 3 hours.

-He goes to the daycare at the gym several times a week and we still have music class once a week.  In August he will start school twice a week from 8:30 am to 3:30pm!

-Some of the adorable little things he is currently doing that I want to always remember, so I am including them in this blog are:  Several times a day he will just come up behind me (or my husband) and wrap his arms around my legs and give me a big hug and say "Aww", it is the most precious thing and I always hug him back and tell him how much I love him.   He loves to wear his hat and his shoes. He always wants his shoes on, and he will routinely bring me his baseball hat to put on his head.  If I let him, he would empty every cabinet and every drawer in our house and he would love it.  He also loves to take the lids off of any lotion/ perfume/ makeup/ medicine etc that he can get his hands on...and if he finds something that sprays, he will spray it!  He is very good about picking up his toys.  Before we leave the house or before he goes upstairs for bed, he makes sure he puts all of his toys back in the basket.  I am trying to teach him to do this at other people's houses as well.  He is sneaky about taking things out of cabinets/ drawers etc.  Sometimes things go missing for days or weeks at a time and then we find them in odd places.  He is quite a silly little guy!

21 Months Old!

Jack and Mommy!

Summer Fun!

Jack and Daddy napping after a day at the pool!

Jack shooting hoops!
He loves to take things out of Ed's desk during the day!

He wanted to be like "Buddy"

22 Months old!