Monday, October 26, 2009

I found the dress!

I made my first big purchase for the wedding this weekend! After visiting 2 salons and trying on about 15 dresses, I found THE ONE! I had planned to go to at least 4 salons however, when I came across the dress last weekend I realized my dress shopping was over. I did not buy the dress right away, I waited a week and went back with my Mom, Eileen, Katie, Kylie and Lindsey for a 2nd trial and that was enough to reassure me that this was THE DRESS. Of course I will not be posting any photos of THE DRESS, because that should be a surprise. However I have posted a few photos of the dresses that did not make the cut. Trying on wedding dresses was a wonderful and exciting experience. I would do it all the time if I could! :) THE DRESS will be ready in the spring, just in time for bridal photos!

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