Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Wedding is Booked

September 25, 2010! We have booked our venues for the wedding and our date will be 9-25-10! I am very excited that I was able to negotiate a great deal and get my top pick! The ceremony will be at St. Paul's United Methodist Church and the reception will be in the Phantom ballroom at Hotel ZaZa! The church and hotel are right next to each other so it will be very convenient, not to mention both venues are BEAUTIFUL! I am relieved to have this part of the planning taken care of because now I can start to think about other, cake, bridemaid dresses, decor etc. The colors will be smoke (think dark, shimmery, charcoal gray) and mulberry (think dark pink) with accent colors of white, black and silver. These colors evolved from the beading on my dress. I have posted some additional photos that I like for decor "ideas."

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