Monday, August 6, 2012

11 Months Old!

August 4, 2012, Jack was 11 months old.  The countdown to his first birthday has begun.  I still can't believe a whole YEAR has gone by (almost).  Jack continues to grow and change every day and he is really keeping me on my toes now!

Height: Not sure, people always tell me he looks long, he will have another checkup next month

Weight: 22lbs 12oz

Head Circumference: Not sure

What is Jack doing:  Jack is crawling, climbing and pulling up on everything.  Sunday morning I was sitting in the living room watching TV while Jack was playing in the kitchen like he always does (or so I thought.)  When I looked over to see him he was no longer playing on the floor, he was instead halfway up the stairs!  On his first attempt he mastered stair climbing.  He is also showing signs of a baby that has no fear - he tried to go back down the stairs head first!  I thought we had the kitchen baby proofed with outlet covers and locks on all of the cabinet doors, but today he proved me wrong when I found him trying to crawl in the oven!!  Do they make locks for oven doors??

Up the stairs he goes!

Climbing at the Children's Museum

My Big Boy!

Where is Jack going:  Jack still goes to music class once a week and we just signed up for a Mommy and Me Montessori class starting in the fall.  We also go on playdates with our playgroup.  Lately the splash pad is popular place to go!  We also made another trip to the children's museum this month.

Fun at the Children's Museum

Splash Pad fun with Isabella!

Children's Museum
All the babies at Music Class with Mrs. Ana their wonderful teacher!

Happy at the Splash Pad!

What is Jack eating:  Jack still nurses 3 times a day and eats 3 meals a day.  He still eats some pureed foods/ baby foods but he is getting better and better at eating regular food.  He still only has the two bottom teeth so most of his chewing is with his gums. 

A few more great pics of my sweet boy as he enters the last month of his first year!!!


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