Wednesday, March 20, 2013

17 & 18 Months Old

February 4, 2013 - Jack is 17 Months Old

Height: 33"
Weight: 29lbs

March 4, 2013 - Jack is 18 Months Old

Height: 34.5" (97%)
Weight: 29.2 lbs (93%)

What is Jack doing: Jack is a rambunctious little boy.  He doesn't like to sit still, he is always on the go. His favorite toys are balls, all shapes in sizes.  He loves to chase balls and throw balls, in fact he loves to throw everything.  I am trying to teach him what is OK to throw (balls) and what is not OK to throw (food, drinks, blocks etc).  I am also trying to teach him that he should not throw anything at someones face.  I guess its a boy thing.  Jack loves to be outside, and since the weather is nice we go outside to play just about every day. He loves to climb and is very good at going up and down the stairs in our house which is great because I was finally able to put away the ugly baby gates.  We are still taking music class once a week and we love it.  He is also still going to MDO once a week, however I have registered him to start a two day a week pre-school in the fall.  Jack has also started swimming lessons once a week.  I was a little worried after the first week of swim lessons because he clung to me like he was scared for his life.  However we just finished week 3 of swim lessons and he is already splashing, kicking in the water, putting his face under and climbing on the side of the pool, so I am pleased with his progress.  He sleeps about 11 or 12 hours a night and takes one 2 hour nap a day.  He is a good eater, however vegetables are still a struggle.  I have been making him spinach smoothies for breakfast and he seems to love them.  He can point to his head, his tummy and his belly button.  We are still working on all other body parts.  He continues to talk and babble a lot, and I am starting to understand what he is saying.  It is very random the things he chooses to say/ repeat.  Here is a list of the current words and phrases I have been able to identify:
I love you
Brush teeth
All day
Trouble Trouble (from the Taylor Swift song)
Buddy (our dog)
Mama (sounds more like Baba)

Always has a ball in his hand

I turn my head for one second...

Showing me his tummy

Such a little man!


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