Wednesday, September 18, 2013

24 Months Old (aka 2 years old!!!)

September 4, 2013 - Jack Alexander is 2 years old!  I have completed my 24th and final monthly photo session!

Height: 37.5" (98%)
Weight: 32 lbs (89%)
Head Circumference: 19.49" (72%)

All about 2 year old Jack

  • Favorite breakfast foods: green smoothie "moothie", blueberry muffins, Daddy's pancakes, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, waffles, cheerios, nutrigrain bar
  • Favorite lunch and dinner foods: grilled cheese sandwich, corn dogs, chicken, pasta, quesadilla, beef fajitas, steamed broccoli, corn, cheeseburger, pizza
  • Favorite snacks "nacks": animal crackers, goldfish, raisins, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, chips, pirates booty, yogurt, applesauce, M&Ms, cookies (he calls a cooke a "rawr"???), ice cream
  • Favorite activities: playing outside, going to the playground, the playroom at my gym, throwing balls, kicking balls, playing basketball, throwing away trash, riding in the car, running, jumping, squealing, talking, dancing, taking showers, eating
  • Favorite toys: balls, toy cars and trucks, his "buddy" dog toy, anything with buttons (calculator, toy phone, toy laptop), his golf bag
  • What does Jack say?: Even though he is now two, when I ask him how old he is he says "almost two!" and when I say "No, you ARE two" he says "no,no,no,no, almost two!"  He has also recently taken to the typical toddler phrases of "NO!" and "MINE!"  He knows all of his immediate family members and calls them by name.  He calls every dog he sees "Buddy."  He knows that cows say "moo" and ducks say "quack quack" and kitty cats say "meow" but for some reason when I ask him what do sheep say? He says something that sounds like "sh*t!"  Not sure where that came from, we might be able to correct him if we could just stop laughing every time he says it.  
Funny facts about 2 year old Jack:  

  • He loves to play ring around the rosy and when its time to "fall down" he will go and grab onto a piece of furniture first.  
  • He is very particular about his shoes and socks, sometimes he has to have them on, sometimes he has to have them off, he always lets me know his preference.  
  • He just started sleeping in a toddler bed, and when he wakes up he immediately gets out of bed, walks over to his dresser and puts his pacifiers (they are only allowed in bed) in the drawer of the dresser.  Then he starts talking to himself until I come and get him.  
  • Once he gets up from his nap in the afternoon he is on alert for when Daddy comes home.  If the dogs bark or he hears the door alarm chime he goes running and screaming "Daddy, Daddy!"  Sometimes it is just the UPS guy and he inevitably comes running back to me crying.
  • If we are in a parking lot and he sees a black SUV he assumes it is his Daddy's car and again crying ensues when Daddy does not appear
  • Although he is generally a sweet and loving little boy, lately he has been a bit of a bully.  Recently I have caught him pushing his friends down during play group or music class.  Ed and I are still trying to find an effective way to get him to stop doing this.

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