Saturday, May 17, 2014

C'mon Baby Deuce!

37 Weeks today, but so far no sign of Baby Deuce making his appearance.  I have gained the exact same amount of weight that I gained with Jack (32 lbs) so I feel like I'm maxed out.  No more room to grow, time to vacate Deuce!  In general I feel pretty good for being 9+ months pregnant, however I have all the typical frustrations: exhaustion, restless legs, heartburn ALL the time and I am not sleeping very well.  But I won't complain...too much.  We are ready to meet him, so now we just wait...  Here are a few more recent bump photos and I'm happy to say his nursery is complete!

Date night at 34 weeks!

Baby's nursery!

I can't brag enough about my mom's incredible sewing ability!  She made the bedding for Jack's room and it was gorgeous, and she has done it again!

Baby Deuce's Nanny made this awesome bedding!!  The colors are Pool and Shroom (green and gray) and the fabric is all organic.

I found this cute distressed sign in a children's boutique in Old Town Spring!

Paper mache, no animals were harmed! 

I love the book slings in Jack's room so much, I had a pair made for Deuce's room too.  I found a lady on Etsy to make them and I sent her some of the bedding fabric to use so they are a perfect match.

We have chosen his name (hence the blurry sign over the crib), however we will keep it to ourselves until his birth day!

Looking forward to many more hours in the glider.  I loved rocking and feeding Jack in this chair so I am anxious to use it again!

I plan to fill the remaining blank spaces on the walls with his newborn pictures.

Another pic of my Mom's beautiful work!  It turned out so great!

No blog post would be complete without a Jack picture.  He likes to go in the baby's room and play with his old baby toys!

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