Thursday, August 7, 2014

Henry 2 Months Old!

July 30, 2014 - Henry is 2 Months Old

Height: 23"
Weight: 12lbs 6oz

Henry is sleeping longer segments now (5 to 7 hours at night).  At 9 weeks he started sleeping in his crib (instead of Mommy's bed) and is doing great!  He sleeps with a double swaddle on and an awesome white noise machine - because I can't let the hairdryer blow all night!  He is still a great nurser but is spacing out his feedings more and is becoming quicker and more efficient when he eats.  He does spit up a lot!  Sometimes I forgo the burp rag and just grab a full size blanket because I know what is coming!  Best of all, he has started smiling and baby babbling.  This little guy is happy and he has a lot to say!

Major 2 month milestone:  Henry SMILES!!

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