Sunday, December 9, 2012

14 Months Old & 15 Months Old

I have gotten a little behind on my blogging lately.  So here is a recap of Jack's 14th and 15th months!

November 4th, 2012 - 14 Months Old

  1. Height - 32"
  2. Weight - 25lbs 5oz

December 4, 2012 - 15 Months Old

  1. Height - 32.5" (88%)
  2. Weight - 27lbs 2 oz (83%)
  3. Head Circumference - 18.9" (74%)
  4. What is Jack doing - Jack is finally walking!  On November 25, 2012 Jack took his first steps and within about a week he was walking everywhere! It is so cute to watch him walk because it is still so new to him and he gets very excited with his new skill.  Jack is also using sign language to communicate some basic requests with us (i.e. milk, more food, all done).  His favorite toys right now are balls (all shapes and sizes) and blocks.  He enjoys stacking his blocks and putting them into the shape sorter.  He consistently sleeps about 11 hours at night and usually takes one nap a day.  He talks, squeals, screams and babbles all the time.  The only words I have identified so far are dada, mama, ball, dog, darla (my mom's dog), hi and bye.  
  5. What is Jack eating - What isn't Jack eating is the better question!  Some days I think he eats more than me.  I have had success lately with corn, peas and cauliflower, in addition to his usual favorites (corn dogs, waffles, bananas, yogurt etc).  He also loves lasagna and spaghetti, but prefers to feed himself which can get very messy.  He still doesn't seem to have any interest in potatoes, french fries or chips.
  6. Helmet update:  Jack will go for a re-scan on December 13, so we will see if maybe we will be done with the helmet just in time for Christmas?!?     

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