Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby Deuce Update - Still No Name - Please Vote!

Almost 26 weeks with little Deuce.  I am still feeling pretty good, just tired.  Deuce and I both had our echo cardiograms last week (standard procedure because I was born with a congenital heart defect) and I'm happy to report we both have healthy tickers!

I have just started to tackle my new baby "to do"list.  I have gone through 4 large storage containers of Jack's clothes that he has outgrown and chosen what was good enough to be passed on and what needed to be donated.  And just this past weekend we finally got the extra room (now Deuce's room) emptied so I can really let my nesting take over as I create his nursery.
I have chosen a theme/ colors for his nursery.  In an effort to differentiate from Jack's room, I stayed away from blue, which is hard with baby boys.  But I found some nice fabrics in green and gray and everything else has evolved from that.  Just like we did with Jack's nursery, my mom will be making the bedding for Deuce's nursery.  Jack's baby bedding turned out so nice and it held up great for the two years that Jack slept in his crib.  So of course I want the same for Deuce.  When we designed Jack's bedding I drew everything out (I guess it helps me visualize) so I have done the same for Deuce's bedding.  Here is my drawing, nothing fancy or professional but it will be nice to compare this to the final product...

Here are the fabrics I have chosen for the nursery.  I call it a "woodland" theme.  These fabrics all happen to be organic, that wasn't intentional just so happened to be what I liked.

Deuce will be using Jack's crib as well as Jack's glider, however I did purchase a new cover for it, so it looks like a totally new chair!  The new items for Deuce's nursery will be his dresser/ changing table, nightstand, rug and decorative items.  At first the room was painted gray, but I decided to brighten it up and found a nice green color to compliment the fabrics.  Below are photos of what I have so far.

Empty room, ready to be transformed

First coat of paint

Old glider, new cover

Jack's crib

"Woodland" room decor

Finally, the name situation.  We still don't know!!  We have narrowed it down to 4 names:
1. Andrew
2. Benjamin
3. Collin
4. Henry

Please let me know your favorite, maybe we will just go with the majority!?!?



  1. Benjamin was on my list for a boy, so I am partial to Benjamin, but I think they are all great choices.

  2. Wow, we had four names on the list for Dominic...Benjamin, Andrew, and Henry
    So good luck! I like all your options !

  3. Very nice staff for babies.. Hope that when your baby was born you will share his/her first picture thanks for sharing.
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  4. Collin Andrew.....I really like those together......So glad to hear all is going well ......Love you.

  5. I think you should do Andrew. You can have a Jack and Andy. Love you to bits.