Friday, February 7, 2014

Deuce! - Name suggestions are welcome

Baby #2, aka Deuce is on the way!  We know he is a "he" but we have no idea what we will name him so we simply refer to him as Deuce.  As of today I am 23 weeks and for the most part feeling good, albeit tired all the time!  The first trimester I felt pretty miserable, it seemed worse than my first trimester with Jack, but maybe I just don't remember that well.  My only noticeable craving with this pregnancy has been Jimmy Johns sandwiches.  I have a #12 at least once a week.  I didn't do a great job documenting my pregnancy with Jack, so this time I am trying to take regular photos as little Deuce grows.  Here are a few photos to show the progression of Deuce so far.  He is consistently measuring big, just like his brother so maybe his early June due date will become a late May birthday.  We shall see...

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