Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Months Old

February 4, 2012, Sweet Jack is 5 months old!  Here is what is going on in Jack's world:
Height: 26 3/4"
Weight: 14lbs
What he's doing now: rolling over (back to tummy), eating cereal, picking up everything and putting in his mouth
Favorite toy: Sophie the Giraffe - we have renamed him Jerry
Favorite movie: Baby Genius Underwater Adventure
Favorite Song: "Trot Ol' Joe" - we learned this in music class
What makes him smile: Mommy and Daddy, looking in the mirror, going for rides in the stroller or the car


  1. Precious boy! Where do you go to music class? You can message me on facebook if you don't want to give specifics here. I am looking for fun things to start with Maddie here in a few weeks.

  2. Hey Kristy,
    We take music class at the Motherhood Center and we love it! They offer lots of great services for new moms and babies. I think the spring class registration starts next week so check out the website. I also heard the baby montessori class is great. Let me know what class or classes you sign up for and maybe I can sign up for the same one!