Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photographing Babies 101

Our good friends, Rocky and Elizabeth Owens, welcomed their baby boy, Little Rocky last week.  Of course I am thrilled that Jack will have a life long playmate so close in age, and it will be so fun to watch our little boys grow up together!  We took Jack to meet his new BFF on Sunday, and lets just say...getting a good picture of two babies at the same time was tricky!  I don't think we got any perfectly posed photos, but we got a lot of funny out takes!
Nice pose Little Rock, not your best expression Jack...

At least we can see both faces, however Jack is now sporting a mid drift...

Hands over face/ hands in mouth

Showing some leg/ showing some belly!

One little red baby and one big white baby

Jack attempts to eat baby Rocky

Little Rocky is getting comfy, Jack is not so sure...

Uh-oh, he fell asleep on your arm, now you're stuck!

Congrats Owens family and welcome to the world Baby Rocky, we are so glad you are here! 


  1. Time to learn to photo shop two good pictures of
    The two of them together. Lol

  2. Haha - love the one where Jack is about to nibble on his friend. :)